Website showing country statistics for the current pandemic outbreak of the Corona virus disease (covid 19)


A blackjack library containing methods and functionality which quickly lets anyone create their own blackjack game in various .net application model such as windows forms, wpf, console etc. BlackjackLibrary currently supports 1v1 with blackjack rules for hitting, standing, doubling and betting. Available as a nuget package

Trygg-Hansa is a company owned by RSA, one of the world’s largest non-life insurance companies, and offers comprehensive covers of non-life insurance for private persons and companies. The website is developed using sharepoint and wcf services. The website and surrounding systems are maintained by multiple agila teams specializing on specific areas of the page. I am in a team that is mainly responsible for every customers specific “mypages” section.

Höganäs Stenhuggeri is a company in sweden specializing in restoring, designing and manufacturing gravestones. The website was developed in core with the help of the MVC framework.